sábado, abril 16, 2005

Apologia a nuestros lectores

Plaza Comunal sigue lentamente pero seguramente adelante, although it's had its troubles-- by this I refer to the sidebar which has slipped down to the bottom of the page. You can still see it, but you have to press your "End" button, or scroll all the way down. However, we'll be working on it as much and as fast as time allows, hopefully getting everything squared away by Memorial Day weekend. Just joking. Hopefully sooner. In the mean while, like they say at the Meetings, que vuelvan a visitarnos, que ya se lo arreglara'!


At 6:54 p. m., Anonymous Anónimo said...

jean pierre ha sufrido de una melancolia o depresion horrible, pero esta' todavia luchando y rezando a Dios que salga y sobresalga.

Ha cupado un trabajo en un almacen local, donde esta' trabajando de 11 a 12 horas cada dia. Tambien esta' ensenyando ingle's.


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