lunes, junio 27, 2005

Padre e hijo, unas bendiciones y la vida

Goze' paseando el dia con mi unico hijo, quien le llamo en mis cuentos, Altgeld. Tiene apenas treinta meses de edad. Suelo decir a la gente, cuando preguntan, que va a tener tres anyos en octubre, en el dia de Unificacion de Alemania. Es decir, el aniversario de la tumbada de la Muralla de Berlin.

Nos paramos unos minuticos al lado de la carreterra entre nuestro pueblecico y la gran carreterra que menea hasta la Gran Ciudad. Fue un lugar bien aislado, pero que sufre un trafico constante pero erratico. Habia pensado que hubo una tortuguita al lado del camino (se dice en ingle's, "the shoulder of the road." No fue' nada sino un trozo de llanta de un camion. Pero encontre' una ranita muerte, que mostre' al Altgeld, que estuvo bastante impresionado con los restos del desfortunado bactraciano.

sábado, junio 25, 2005

New Era in Latino-Jewish Relations Announced

Launching of Council Heralds New Era in Latino-Jewish Relations
Washington, D.C. (March 27, 2003) - To launch the Latino-Jewish Leadership Council, government officials and representatives of both communities convened today on Capitol Hill.

The inauguration took place in the context of a roundtable discussion between Latino and Jewish members of Congress, which was moderated by Ray Suarez of The News Hour with Jim Lehrer.

The Council will serve as a pioneer of new Latino-Jewish partnerships and will encourage cooperation around issues of mutual concern, with special focus on:

* Foreign Policy
* Media and Image
* Immigration/National Security

Yesterday evening, the Council, in its first board meeting, elected Joel S. Kaplan of B�nai B�rith International and Moctesuma Esparza of the New America Alliance co-Chairs for 2003. The board meeting was hosted by the National Council of La Raza.

The launching of the Council provides an opportunity to recognize and expand the invaluable efforts that many Latino and Jewish organizations and individuals have undertaken all over the country to dispel prejudices and to build on commonalities.

With the United States and the world facing critical challenges, it becomes imperative for Latinos and Jews in the US to work together in the pursuit of common goals, certainly out of self-interest, but also out of the exercise of collective memories as exiles, immigrants and committed citizens.

lunes, junio 06, 2005

Se desean autores, escritores, artistas

Pensamos en el nombre o titulo "cafegroundzero," durante una conversacion que ocurrio' al pie de un arbol viejo, en el campo entre Emily Post y la cafeteria un tarde soleado en 1983. La pregunta se posaba, ? donde te gustaria estar, digamos, cuando cayera la bomba (nuclear)?

The consensus seemed to be that it would be best doing something one really enjoyed, with some one whom one really loved. I thought a cafe would be nice, with some red wine, slightly chilled, our favourite foods, a good conversation, on a sidewalk under a parasol.

The idea would be a meeting place where one could commune, stress free, with the sun, the air, the earth, even a body of water nearby if possible. Discussion would be amicable, calm at times, excited at others, but rarely if ever confrontational. However, if that’s necessary. Anyhow, the subject matter should be mostly philology, art, literature, philosophy, political theory with courtesy for differing viewpoints, the avant-garde, the classical… Not too restricted a field. But serious about having fun.

Longer articles could be divided up into monthly serials. No submissions of hate literature, unless the hate literature is the subject of a serious analysis. Nothing pornographic or that we would need to cover with a brown paper wrapper. Submissions in Spanish or English. Translations need to be certified.

Distribution is still being worked out as we speak. Contact me at hajCUTOUTSPAMgora7(at) for any further details.

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